Hair Illusion 38g

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  • Auburn
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To apply hair illusion to thinning hair simply tap or shake the bottle over thin area until completely covered.You will not need to use our holding spray if used on thinning hair.

Hair Illusion was designed for people with thinning hair. Not completely bald.If you are using hair illusion on a completely bald area you will need to use our fiber hold spray to secure fibers. For best results follow instructions below.

1. Apply a light layer of our fiber hold spray to balding area.

2. Let dry 30-45 seconds.

3. Apply our Hair Illusion hair fibers.

4. Finnish with our fiber hold spray holding the bottle 10-12 inches from the hair and apply short easy sprays.

5. For best results and strongest hold. Repeat the steps 2-3 times.

If you plan to get your hair wet make sure to use our water resistant spray.

If you notice the fibers are clumping or spotty looking simply add more fibers to fill in.

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